I am an introvert by nature and being behind the lens allows me to share my version of “small talk” with others.  My photography allows me the comfort of sharing the complexities and inner depth of who I am, without having to utter a single word.  My daily work is in a left-brained, numbers world.  However, my heart belongs to the right-brained, creative world of nature and the simple things in life.  

Two things, I was taught at an early age, are a driving force behind my photography. The first is the sky can be green and the grass can be purple. This affords me the luxury of seeing the less than perfect things in life as a thing of beauty.  The second is that the sun, the moon and the stars are always there; no matter what; whether I can see them or not.  I attempt to share this constant reliance of a different perspective through my photography.   

Due to these beliefs and my introverted nature, I am naturally drawn to landscapes, animals and candid shots of people.  Photography is my escape from the daily grind and gives me the much needed balance in my life. Behind the lens is my comfort zone.

My current interest is macro photography.  It allows me to share simple, everyday things that we often miss in our busy, technology based life.  It turns an ordinary thing into a fascinating piece of art.

I want my photography to bring joy, a sense of peace, and an opportunity for others to see life through my eyes; a constant reminder of the simple things that we often miss in the day to day grind of work and life.     

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